Waldo’s On King

As a London Ontario native I can say that growing up we didn’t get any specialty burger joints that have been popping up over the years. If my memory serves the 80’s and 90’s were ruled by the following fast food mega-chains. Quality was in-line with one another. My personal favourite was Harvey’s and I will soon be attaching reviews to the following.

Burger King
Restaurants often had burgers but in all honesty, they were twice the price of any of the above and not nearly as good. There is a nice and quaint market that I go to on weekends and it was on one of these visits that I decided to check out a restaurant called Waldo’s on King.

I was at the market with my ex-girlfriend, Arieta Buguveci. She’s a great girl and was exceptionally gifted at picking out new restaurants that I like to call “hidden gems.”  I know this is not related to my review, but I’m proud to offer my congratulations to her brother Dugi who recently tied the knot in Albania. I look forward to hearing all the stories when she is back from Albania.

When Arjeta was on a lunch break we decided to go try the burger that we’d heard so many people talking about. We had 45 minutes and with her being a paralegal she couldn’t be late. We ordered our burger and extra crispy fries and unfortunately was stuck with a gluten-free bun. Yuck Right? Wrong! It was crumbly just as you’d expect from a gluten-free bun, but it tasted nice. The burger came with all the fixing and I promise that the burger weighed 1 lb and was so generous in terms of condiments.

The presentation was 5/5
The flavor was 5/5
The bun was 3/5
Service was 5/5
Price was 5/5

for anyone wanting to get away with a great burger under $20 set in an amazing environment and top notch lunch then Waldo’s on King is where you want to be.