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Hello my name is Camillo Delpellaro and I’d like to talk about something that affects so many men and women around the world. I have had to have three hernia repairs in my life. The hernias occurred in my left and right groin and inguinal area.

My first hernia (right groin) occurred when I was the tender age of fourteen. My surgeon performed my first repair at my local hospital using local anesthesia.  My recovery is something that I will never forget. Going to the bathroom, walking and picking up even a marginal amount of weight was excruciating.

A surgeon performed my second surgery when I was 27 years old using mesh. The doctor used liquid anesthesia and I was awake for the entire procedure. I can’t remember how quickly I recovered for the second surgery which I guess means it wasn’t that bad. The scar from all three of my hernias are virtually non-existent.

My third inguinal hernia was done this year. I chose to use the Shouldice Hospital went to a private clinic to get my operation. and had to pay $265 per day on top of what OHIP paid. I was housed in their 5 Star Facility. The Shouldice Hospital is said to be world renowned and leader in hernia repairs and use a “proprietary” hernia repair technique. Shouldice uses a stainless steel thread and the clinic claims that their failure rate is less than 2%.

Dr. John Morrison who is one of the leading laparoscopic surgeons for hernia repair and one that is critical of the Shouldice Clinic for the added costs and skewed failure rate statistics associated with the additional 5 day stay in the Shouldice Hospital.

My recovery for this particular hernia was negligible and I was on my feet the same day, but out of the gym for awhile due to a elbow injury which occurred within days of the surgery. It’s been a few month and although the scar is healing nicely the left half of the scar is more pronounced, it’s is a precision cut and two inches long.

Types of Surgery and Scarring:

  1. Laparoscopic
  2. Mesh
  3. Open inguinal
  4. Hernia Scars


Camillo Delpellaro

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