Fiat Convertible (eBay) (my site + other eBay site)

I’ve always thought Fiat’s were cute, yes cute. I was in Thailand and saw one race by with little Italian Stripes. I was instantly in love. At the time I was driving a much better car so I never thought I would own a car like a Fiat.

A former girlfriend was on the market for a new vehicle and had her eye on the Mini Cooper. When she got a quote on a base Mini Cooper and added the features she wanted the price was driven up to close to 30,000. Then I convinced her to test drive a 2015 Fiat Sport and she loved it. A huge plus was the savings, $7000 less than the Mini Cooper and the Fiat was more fun.
Full Disclosure: The Mini Cooper is more solid with a better build quality. How much is that worth to you? My girlfriend picked up a brand new Fiat Sport which was getting blown out because it was the previous years model. 26k Sticker got slashed to 17k. Imagine trying to get a Mini Cooper with a price tag like that.  The Fiat was slow as hell, but the looks 5/5, fun factor is 5/5, handling 5/5, Acceleration 2.5/5 and build quality about 3/5. Before you let the numbers sink in just remember the 17k Price Tag. What is that worth to you?
Last summer I had a car issue and was forced to buy a car to tide me over until it was repaired. I immediately found a 4-year-old Fiat Convertible Lounge which for all you laypersons is a fully loaded vehicle. The car that I eventually purchased would’ve cost 32k new so my cost of $11000, in nearly perfect condition and only 12,000 km on the odometer was a gift from God.
I am very happy with my vehicle, but you really have to be secure with your manhood because you will get a lot of compliments on the car, but 90% of them will be, “That car is so cute.” I am used to this and it has strengthened my confidence! LOL
A Great Car, but I would not pay the 30k asking price. Wait for the 4-year mark and buy it for a 1/3 of the price. Then it is worth the money 10x over.