Camillo delpellaro

by Camillo


I’m Camillo Delpellaro and I am a by-product of the fast-paced world of equity trading, a Los Angeles based Acting School, celebrity vocal instruction, health supplement sales and personal training.

A jump into the risky and murky world of business investments by providing the first second round of seed capital to companies such as  Jugo Juice in their fledgeling stage in 2000.

With 25 years of experience and passion running through my veins, I can offer you a level of personal care that is TaylorMade to your precise specifications. Don’t think of me as your health consultant, think of me as your friend, someone you can share anything with. It’s in this bond that we can break barriers together.

Whether it’s personal training, personal shopping or meal prepping elaborate meals in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Imagine sharing great banter, sharing stories while being educated by a pro.

****After attending a cooking school in Chiang Mai, Thailand I am able to show you your way around a kitchen or through the aisles of a grocery store.

It is in this manner that I can provide a full-service health and wellness plan that can only be done