A Camillo Del Pellaro Amazon Product Review – Magnetic Phone Holder for iPhones

It’s been one year since I purchased my 2012 Fiat 500 Convertible and I have and I finally had to give in an buy a cellphone holder. Interestingly enough my ex-girlfriend also had a Fiat and had a problem finding a quality cellphone holder that’s suction cup stuck effectively. Eventually she bought one that was very sturdy and functional, but required the device be inserted into the CD player rendering the changing of discs on the fly, useless. Below is a picture of the Universal CD Adapter that my ex-girlfriend used.

Now, I’m not really down spending a lot of money on a cellphone holder for my Fiat, but I was tired of my iPhone sitting between my legs or sliding off the dash top because it isn’t anchored. I can see now from experience that having a proper phone holder is detrimental to vehicle safety.

After searching the internet and combing through the dozens of options on Amazon I found the product of my dreams that I wanted to buy. There were many different options that were similar in design, but the Veva Magnetic Cellphone Holder had incredible reviews and was a “Amazon Choice” item. The product was shipped to my door for under $20 which in my opinion is an absolute steal.

The product came as promised and the packaging was top notch and the phone holder itself was equally as perfect. I chose the red option, because I liked the accent and thought it made it look a little more “racy”.

I’ve attached this link to the product itself on Amazon so that you can see my unbiased review of an incredible universal magnetic phone holder for under $20. Who knows it may save your life one day since your eyes won’t constantly be looking down.

Camillo Del Pellaro

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